Results courtesy of The Wrestling Observer:

Kurt Angle opened the show talking about what happened “last week” when the Jarrett family laid him out. He asked the crowd if he should do “one more match.” All the heels came out and Eric Bischoff said request denied. All the heels then jumped Angle. The other Red (Tommy Mercer) came out with a baseball bat. Flair then announced that Hulk Hogan returns “next week” on television. Bischoff then announced Angle & Red vs. all the Immortal group.

Mickie James & Angelina Love & Velvet Sky b Sarita & Madison Rayne & Tara in an elimination match.

Max Buck b Amazing Red & Chris Sabin.

Jeff Hardy vowed that in seven days, or before the PPV, he is getting the title back.

Velvet Sky claimed Winter attacked her and said Winter was a bitch. Winter came out and the two went at it until Love separated them. Sky was furious at Love for breaking it up.

Pope apologized to Samoa Joe, but then said Joe is one French Fry short of a coronary.

Mr. Anderson b Matt Hardy. Jeff tried to interfered but RVD stopped him.

Beer Money, Jeff Jarrett, Gunner & Murphy, Kazarian & Rob Terry b Kurt Angle & Crimson (Tommy Mercer) when Jarrett pinned Angle. The lights went out and Scott Steiner was in the ring with a crowbar.