1/16 TNA Results: Hagerstown, Maryland

Mike sent this report in:

I just wanted to send you all the results of the TNA House Show in Hagerstown, MD. The venue was sold out from top to bottom so I would say around 1,300 people including the stage.

Kazarian defeated Brian Kendrick and Robbie E. after Kazarian hit the reverse tombstone on Kendrick Funny spot was at the beginning Kendrick just sat in the middle of the ring doing his mediation while Kazarian and Robbie E. fought over him.

Madison Rayne defeated Mickey James after a loaded glove shot funny spot was Madison got sent into Earl Hebner got a kiss from Earl. Post match Mickey kissed Earl and sent him reeling.

Third match was Abyss vs Douglas Williams Abyss beat him with a black hole slam. Janice did make an appearance but was quickly tossed out by the referee.

The next match was Generation me vs MCMG. This match was easily match of the night quality wise. There were several false finishes. MCMG won with the neck breaker splash combination.

At intermission Madison Rayne and the Hebners were doing autographs some yelled Earl you screwed Bret and he yelled right back your damn right I did.

After intermission it was Samoa Joe vs The Pope. Joe was way over with the crowd and quite frankly so was the pope. Joe won with the rear naked choke and post match as Pope was leaving the crowd began to chat you tapped out you tapped out. As Pope walked to the back he turned around and gave us the finger.

Main Event: Jeff Jarrett vs Mr. Anderson with Kurt Angle as the referee. Anderson was also way over with the fans. He looked for the Mic to drop from the celing when it didn’t he made Jeremy Borash hand him a Mic. Anderson won via Mic Check after Abyss ran in and got in Angles face and Angle knocked Jarrett into Anderson.

Overall, the show was much better than what is on Spike every week the crowd was into the entire show from start to finish.

Biggest Pops: 1. Mr.Anderson 2. Samoa Joe 3. Kurt Angle

Biggest Heat: 1. Jeff Jarrett 2. The Pope 3. Generation Me