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TNA Impact Tapings on January 20:

Samoa Joe b Jesse Neal.

Taylor Wilde & Sarita b ODB & Traci Brooks.

Eric Bischoff did a promo saying Hulk Hogan has laid down the law and that everyone needs to get along, and that means himself and Mick Foley but Foley isn’t willing. Foley came out and said he likes everyone in TNA but Eric Bischoff. He said Bischoff is the opposite of everything he believes in. Foley talked about how Bischoff has messed with the lives of his friends Jeremy Borash and Chris Abyss. I guess that means Bischoff must screw Abyss at TV. He said that Bischoff hasn’t learned anything from the history of WCW. So now they’re turning Cornette rants into storylines. Eric said he can still screw with Borash and Abyss, and then announced Foley vs. Nash in a no DQ match.

Mike Tenay makes the announcement of the Nasty Boys vs. 3-D for Against All Odds. Both teams are in the ring cutting promos on each other.

Kevin Nash b Mick Foley clean in the middle. Scott Hall and Sean Waltman laid out Nash after the match.

The Pope b Orlando Jordan clean.

Kurt Angle & Mr. Anderson b Hernandez & Desmond Wolfe when Anderson pinned Wolfe.

Hulk Hogan did an interview where he said the whole world is talking about TNA. He talked about how The Band took out Nash last week (so this promo will be a week after the Foley-Nash match airs). Eric Young came out and said that he’s Nash’s friend and he wants Hall & Waltman in the building tonight. Hogan said that Nash & Young should take it off the property and bust them up, but not on his watch.

Matt Morgan b Suicide.

Doug Williams b Amazing Red to keep the X title clean with the Chaos Theory suplex.

Velvet Sky & Lacey Von Erich & Madison Rayne b Angelina Love & Tara when Lacey hit Angelina with the ugly stick and Velvet pinned her. They continued to beat down Love & Tara after the match.

Kurt Angle called out Hall & Waltman. They brawl with Waltman knocking out Angle with knux. Hogan came out and they held Angle to Hogan to punch him, but instead, Hogan attacked Hall and Waltman and cleaned house on them helping Angle.

Beer Money b Brutus Magnus & Rob Terry.

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