Jeff Jarrett on TNA’s next “Gut Check” in London

The Evening Times in the UK is featuring an article with TNA’s Jeff Jarrett where he talks about the company’s European tour and an upcoming “Gut Check” session.

“I wouldn’t say its our version of X-Factor but on the last day of this tour, in London, we’re holding what we call a ‘gut check challenge’. That’s where we take young hopefuls looking for a break, whether they have six days or six years of experience, and give them a chance to get on our roster. We started that process in East Kilbride, and what we’re looking for is that intangible, that ‘it’ factor. You can teach someone to wrestle, but you can’t teach the ‘it’ factor that a true top star has. That’s what we’re hoping to find.”

Full interview:
Jeff set to rile ahead of bout