Article on TNA TV on Challenge in the UK, Ireland

The Sun in the UK is featuring an article about TNA programming debuting on Challenge in the UK and Ireland.

“Flagship programme TNA Impact will air EVERY Tuesday night in the UK and Ireland at 10pm from February 8, followed by TNA Xplosion at midnight.

The monthly PPV events – starring the likes of Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair and Kurt Angle – will be broadcast on Wednesdays, starting with Against All Odds on February 16.

Due to TNA being off air in January, catch up episodes of Impact and Xplosion will go out every day from Thursday February 3 to Monday February 7 from midnight.

Fans can also watch TNA’s January PPV event, Genesis, on Wednesday February 9 at 10pm.

Sky channel Challenge is available on Sky 125, Virgin Media 139 and Freeview 46.”

Full article:
TNA telly show times revealed

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