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The Impact Zone was full for a Tuesday. I think the promos they are running on local 104.1 FM are working. They had Matt Hardy on today.

1. Gunner and Murphy beat Eric Young and Orlando Jordan.

2. Crimson beat Magnus.

I was late to the show due to traffic (I relied on people next to me for results listed above). I arrived in time to see Scott Steiner have words with Rob Terry. Security eventually had to break them up.

Ric Flair came out and got some some mic time. He called out A.J. Styles, called out the women in the crowd, and referred to himself as a god. Styles’s music hit and as he came to the ring. Flair said when he’s in town, Fortune doesn’t move without his say. Basically, they are showing Fortune acting without Flair knowing.

Flair said he showed A.J. how to be a man and will now show him how to respect. Styles attacked Flair. Hernandez ran in to help Flair after lots of back and forth. Styles did a damn good job while not not having Fortune there to back him up. Fortune finally came out to help. Hernandez tried to leave through the crowd and was stopped by Matt Morgan. Fortune’s musics hits as they left.

Madison Rayne came out. They said it’s a non-title, open invitation match. Madison bleeds outs ears on the mic saying she has beat everyone TNA has thrown at her. ODB’s music hit, and Madison looks like she saw a ghost.

3. Madison Rayne beat ODB. ODB started the beat down on Madison, but Rayne made her way on top with a roar of boos from the crowd and got the win.

4. Mr. Anderson defeated Kurt Angle and RVD in a three-way to become No. 1 contender to the TNA Title. Angle and RVD started by laying into Anderson after RVD got done pounding Anderson in the corner. Angle went for a running spear toward Anderson, which missed and Angle went flying out. Most of the match was back and forth with one wrestler always knocked out of the ring.

RVD seemed to be on top most of the match. At one time, both Kurt and Anderson were down on the mat. RVD was going for a frog splash, but Angle ran up and suplexed him out of the ring. Angle went for the ankle lock on Anderson while RVD was out of the ring. The wedding march song hit. Jeff and Karen Jarrett came out while Angle looked on. Anderson slammed Kurt down for the three count. Anderson won and became No. 1 contender.

TNA Xplosion taping

1. Douglas Williams beat Robbie E. A good match. Robbie seems to be getting better, but he has to work on his mic skills. Williams picked up the win with crowd cheers.

2. Angelina Love beat Rosita. Earl Hebner came out to a mix of cheers and boos, but it turned to all cheers when he pulled out a pair of DVDs to throw to the crowd before the match.