Scott Fishman of The Miami Herald is featuring an interview with TNA Knockout Cookie talking about her debut with the company and how she had been doing the “Jersey” gimmick long before the popularity of MTV’s reality show.

“When people say I’m a knockoff of something, I tell them to go back and see some of my old tapes. See I was doing this before Snooki even knew who Snooki was. Honestly, for the criticism, as long as they are talking about us and watching, I’m happy. If they stop talking about us, then I’ll worry.

As long as they are paying attention, if it’s negative attention, it doesn’t matter to me. We are just working hard and having a lot of fun with it. It was only our second week on TV. It didn’t even seem real until a friend of mine took her BlackBerry and took video of us on CNN and showed it to me. I was like, ‘You have to be kidding me.’ We did something awesome. It was a ton of fun, and I was happy to bring that much attention to me and the company.”

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Cookie spices up TNA with Jersey Shore attitude