3/5 TNA Results: Salem, Oregon

Tommy sent this report in:

TNA house show at the Salem pavilion

Meet and greet was about an hour and a half before bell time for only those who bought floor tickets. Don West came out and hyped the crowd with special deals. The crowd of 2000 was fired up for Oregon’s first TNA experience. Seating was confusing and the event staff were not very friendly. I was sitting third row ringside. Before the show Devon kendrick, love, hernandez, jessie neal, winter, rayne, serita signed autographs and several other TNA stars signed autographs and took pictures with the fans. So Cal Val was the MC and ring announcer. It was fortune night in Salem .

Aj styles stole the show tonight. Matt had huge heat from the crowd and he fed off it. It was a great match. Styles had a huge pop and followed it up with a signing along with beer money and kazarian.

Funny moment tonight…full moon by Jessie

Kazarian def. Brian Kendrick by pin fall

Angelina Love and Winter retained the Knockouts Tag Titles over Madison Rayne and Sarita.

Devon def. Hernandez by pin fall

Beer Money and Scott Steiner def. Ink Ink and Jeff Jarrett by submission (Jarrett tapped out to the Steiner Recliner)

AJ Styles def. Matt Hardy By pinfall

Jeff Hardy def. Mr. Anderson by pin fall

Biggest Pops:
AJ styles
Jeff Hardy

Biggest Heat
Matt hardy
Jeff jarrett

I believe a fan got thrown out for laying his hands on Earl.

Earl Hebner – You screwed Brett chants were loud. Hebner took off his referee shirt and under it was another shirt that said Your Damn Right I did! –the crowd loved it.

Mr. Anderson pop and heat was split – he taunted the crowd by saying what’s the difference between the packers and the ducks? The packers dont choke on the big game. Josh Wilcox was in the crowd and i was hoping he would charge the ring and take out Anderson, but he did not.

Beer money’s storm came out with a beer and poured it down some guy’s throat in the front row. I think the same guy’s girlfriend got a hug from styles later in the show.

This was my first TNA house show. I was very impressed with personal feel it had. It reminded me of old Portland Wrestling on Saturday nights.