Angle on staying with TNA, issues with Jeff Jarrett

The Sun in the UK is featuring an interview with TNA Wrestling star Kurt Angle discussing why he has no plans to return to WWE and remain with TNA.

“My contract comes up in August/September. I’m going to re-evaluate. But I am NOT going anywhere else. I will stay in TNA, I just need to see how much I’m going to be wresting for them, whether part time or whatever amount of time, but I’m very happy in TNA. A lot of my fans have been asking ‘When are you going back to WWE?’ but I will retire here. I’m very excited about the product, the company keeps growing and I like to think I’ve been a small part of it. I’m going to stick around and hopefully I’ll do something part time when my contract is up. I think Dixie Carter and myself need to sit down and work it out. I’m not against even working every PPV. I just know that I can’t continuously go on the road and wrestle hundreds of days a year. I’m not able to any more. Not if I’m to be able to perform the way they want me to.”

Angle also admitted to asking for a release from TNA after personal issues with Jeff Jarrett.

“From a professional standpoint I think Jeff is one of the better wrestlers in TNA. But I’m not going to lie, we’ve had our personal differences. At one point I asked for a release here. Basically the choice was it would be me or Jeff, but they pulled Jeff off the air for a while and kept me on. As time went on and everybody’s wounds healed, I was fine with Jeff coming back and my life seemed to be better.

I found a woman I truly love and want to spend the rest of my life with. Jeff also found a woman — you know who it is — so it actually worked out for the better in the long run. I have mixed feelings. For me I don’t have any pride as a character. I might give a little bit too much of myself to make the other wrestler look better. I wasn’t worried it damaging my character as a wrestler.

A lot of fans are upset and against what is going on — but they are watching. As much as I respect Jeff as a wrestler, as a person it’s kind of hard to get close to him. When something like that happens, you start to question them. Do you trust them? That was the hardest part. How do I trust somebody that ended up with my former wife?”

Full interview:
Kurt Angle: “I’ll never go back to WWE

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