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Eric joined The Big Mosh & “The Chairman of the Board” Todd Vincent for his return to “Your Home of Wrestling Radio” & for another installment of his exclusive monthly interactive segment on Monday Night Mayhem, “The Hot Seat With Eric Bischoff” (flavored by Sizzlin Sauces), which is now available in Windows Streaming Media or via the official MNM Podcast on iTunes:

“The Hot Seat With Eric Bischoff” (flavored by Sizzlin Sauces) (MNM Streaming Audio):

“The Hot Seat With Eric Bischoff” (flavored by Sizzlin Sauces) (MNM Podcast on iTunes):

Questions were taken via Eric’s official Facebook page (located at, along with The Mayhem Line (877.666.2110). Interview highlights courtesy of The Mayhem’s official correspondent, Paterson from New Jersey:

The positives that he took from the recent TNA iMPACT tapings in Fayetteville, NC & the importance of establishing credibility as “an entertainment product” in helping TNA get to the next level: “Any number of them really, but overall, one of the things I was most excited about (both being there and also watching it on television) was just the energy that a broadcast from a venue with a large crowd, a traditional type of crowd, and not a soundstage crowd, had. The difference in the energy, and the vibe, and the feel of the entire show was completely different than what we’re used to. I think that episode proved what I’ve been saying here on ‘The Hot Seat’ for the last six or seven months, in that for TNA to get to the next level, we have to find a way to get our show out in the arenas, so that we could have the credibility. I don’t mean wrestling credibility per se, I mean the credibility as an entertainment product, so that people at home watching the show feel that energy, and it translates and gives us credibility as an event.”

The thought process behind TNA using the 3.3.11 vignettes for Sting’s TNA return just weeks after the WWE first starting airing similar vignettes to build The Undertaker’s WWE return on 2.21.11: “I had nothing to do with this, so I can’t give you any insight. I was rather surprised to be honest with you when I saw it. I won’t go into any deeper than that.”

His reaction to the comments made by Bret Hart on Twitter this past week that were directed at both Hulk Hogan & himself: “I didn’t read any harsh words from Hulk Hogan. I was certainly made away of some of the comments by Bret Hart that were pretty harsh & negative. It’s really funny, I actually picked Bret Hart up at the airport when he was on a flight to Los Angeles when Owen died, and I was the first person to meet him at the airport. Bret actually heard about the death of Owen while he was on the plane. I was the first person to meet Bret at the airport and consoled him as best I could. I developed a pretty good relationship with Bret. I feel sad for Bret, because Bret is one of those people, and there are a lot of them, he’s the type of person that needs someone to hate in order to feel significant himself.”

What he believes that TNA can do not to fall into the shadow of WrestleMania XXVII: “It’s hard, because WrestleMania is such a big event. It’s been around so long. It gets a lot of mainstream media attention, and fans from all over the world are thinking about WrestleMania. I think it would be silly for TNA to try & compete against that kind of awareness, because we don’t have the resources. With that being said, I think if we continue doing what we’ve been doing, which is building momentum, we can continue to fine tune our presentation if we continue to find an edge, and put that edge on our product, and keep the audience engaged, and do things to keep them interested, and try our best. We just have to do our best to continue putting out the product we have been producing, and when WrestleMania is over, hopefully we would have gained even more momentum, more loyalty, & interest in our product.”

More is contained in the latest installment of “The Hot Seat” (flavored by Sizzlin Sauces), including more of Eric’s candid thoughts on Bret Hart’s recent comments on Twitter and why he believes that “the pattern is pretty obvious” of Bret’s hatred towards him & Hulk Hogan (especially now, when “The Hitman” is closely associated with the WWE), the reaction from Spike TV to TNA’s iMPACT tapings in Fayetteville, whether or not he feels that TNA will be taking their television on the road more often after the success of last Thursday night’s iMPACT, his response to those that question TNA’s use of incorporating the stars of MTV’s “Jersey Shore” into their programming, what Sting has left to offer TNA at this point in time in his career, Matt Morgan’s chances at seeing the TNA World Title (and why the odds of that are “as good or better than anyone in TNA Wrestling”), “The Mouth of the South” Jimmy Hart’s decision to leave TNA to return to the WWE, his own personal assessment of involving family (especially the use of children) in wrestling storylines, how the concept of TruTV’s “Micro Championship Wrestling” came about, plus much more! If you missed the live & interactive “Hot Seat” experience, then tune in to “Your Home of Wrestling Radio” on Monday evening, April 11th (beginning at 7:35PM ET/6:35PM CT), as “The Hot Seat With Eric Bischoff” (flavored by Sizzlin Sauces) will return LIVE! This is your chance to speak directly to TNA’s Eric Bischoff leading into TNA’s Lockdown Pay-Per-View. Post your questions right now on Eric’s official Facebook page (located at, along with that of Monday Night Mayhem (located at

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