Dan Ballou sent this live report in:

Great show, literally the arena was sold out. Don West was doing deals all night. If you paid $175 for the Jeff Jarrett guitar you got to go backstage and meet the wrestlers. Hernandez, Robbie E, Cookie, Velvet Sky, Gunner & Murphy all came out for the meet & greet. They all were very cool and I got pictures with Velvet, Cookie, & Hernandez. The knockouts are very sweet, and Cookie took a second picture because the first one didn’t come out well.

Show opened with an X Division title three-way dance. Kazarian vs. Shannon Moore vs. Robbie E w/ Cookie. Robbie E started with a fist pump contest, and asked Kaz/Moore to do so. They pretended like they were going to, and instead punched Robbie. Cookie got involved, and Kaz held her on his lap on her stomach while Shannon Moore spanked her backside about ten times. Match went about 12 minutes, and Kaz retained.

Madison Rayne def. Velvet Sky with Earl Hebner as the referee. My two friends and I were chanting “You Screwed Bret” which proceeded Earl to run over to the barricade and pretend to fight us. He then did the usual bit where he takes his ref shirt off and have the shirt that says “Damn right I did.” During the match Velvet pushed Madison into Earl Hebner, in which Earl kissed Madison on her lips. The match ended with Madison having her feet on the rope, and Earl clearly seeing the feet, but still counting the three anyway.

Matt Morgan def. Hernandez was next. Pretty good match for the two big men. Morgan is a class act with the fans. He bowed down to my friends and I and said thank you. Morgan won with the Carbon Footprint.

Beer Money def. Gunner & Murphy. Roode took a sign from the crowd, and both had half the crowd saying “Beer” while the other half said “Money.” Murphy then ripped the kid’s sign up. James then asked for a beer which he & Hebner drank. He then took a mic and said to Gunner “if you suck, then he must swallow.” We then started a “Swallow & Suck” chant. Beer Money was so over with the crowd.

Intermission was next, and we were able to meet Madison Rayne in the lobby.

AJ Styles def. Jeff Hardy. Jeff pretended like he was going to throw his shirt in the crowd, and had the fans going nuts before deciding not to throw it. I was giving him the Fortune symbol, and he pretended to give it back to me before flipping me off. These two went for about 15 minutes, and was a good match. Afterwards Hardy was selling the Clash, while the arena was cheering for him. Even though he is a heel, he broke character and thanked the fans. He shook hands with everyone, and was really cool with the crowd.

Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Jarrett. It looked like Angle hurt his knee during the match because just as it started to pick up, it ended. He was favoring his knee during the match, and wouldn’t let it hit the mat during the match. He won with the Angle Slam.

For $20 dollars afterwards you got to take a picture with him & Beer Money. My friends & I did this and all three were very cool. Roode let my friend hold the belt, and we thanked them. Matt Morgan was in the lobby afterwards and was very nice to talk to. I’ve been critical of TNA over the years, but this show live is better then any other WWE show. I will definitely go back when they are back in town.

– Dan Ballou