The following spoiler report was sent to

Not in complete order, Doug William vs Rob Starr (not sure) from Ocean City, MD

Sting out to start. Next out Hogan and Bischoff then Bully Ray then AJ with Fortune followed by Anderson to setup main event four way of Anderson, Aj, RVD and Bubba.

Steiner/Crimson Vs Ink Inc. Steiner and Crimson win.

Blind guy, guy in wheelchair and huuuugggeeee chick in ring. Pope comes out. Makes blind guy see, wheelchair guy walks, can’t help big girl.

Alissa Flash vs Madison Rayne with Tara. Madison hits her with belt on way out, gets quick pin, save by Mickie James. Title vs James’ hair at Lockdown.

In ring with Jarrett and Karen followed by Angle. Jeff Jarrett was busted open hardway after a guitar shot from Angle. He got up, pissed off and stormed out after Angle left, leaving Karen to run after Jarrett.

Hernandez, Rosita and Sarita vs Morgan and Winter, Angelina. Morgan got the win, hard to see what happened. Same guy from last night hits the ring, Morgan scares them off.

Phil Shatter aka Gunner wins vacant TV title in 3 way with Murphy and Rob Terry.

AJ vs Anderson vs RVD vs Bubba I think went to no contest. Bubba powerbombs AJ off top of ramp.

I’ll be there tomorrow and Wednesday also. Have more pics.

Matt Hardy was signing outside, seemed out of it.