Don Moss passed along the following report from Orlando.

TNA Impact tapings for March 24:

Dark Match:

“True Talent” Bobby Shields from Philly vs Robbie E, Robbie E Wins


Anderson out with “college teacher”, Anderson does speech, then Mic Check on Teacher, Hogan and Bischoff come out, talk, then RVD, then Sting. Main event set as RVD vs Anderson #1 contendership, Sting is special enforcer.

Mickie James vs Tara, Mickie James with finisher for win. Rayne at top of ramp. Doesn’t come down.

Okato (Samoa Joe’s Guy) vs Pope. Kato wins by DQ. Joe hits the ring. Okato bled from mouth.

Flair out with Bubba and Matt Hardy, long winded interview. Fortune hit ring (minus AJ). Total brawl around the ring. Flair gets his shirt ripped off. Lights go red and Abyss hits the ring and takes out Fortune.

Hernandez, Estevan, Rosita and Sarita come out. US flag comes down from ceiling, then a humongous Mexican flag. Sets up against Devon and Matt Morgan. Estevan gets pin on Devon. Velvet Sky comes down to help and gets attacked. Angelina comes out but Winter appears at top of ramp, calls for Angelina and they leave.

RVD vs. Anderson. Brian Hebner gets knocked out, Sting takes over as ref. Couldn’t see ending, it was either a double dq or no contest.

Xplosion: Max Buck vs Jeremy Buck, Max Buck wins in what should have been a Impact match.