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Angelina SLAMS Snooki Over WWE — She’s a ‘Fat Troll’

Former “Jersey Shore” star Angelina is PISSED after watching Snooki’s crotchtastic debut on WWE Monday night — calling Snook a “fat troll” who’s ripping her off … by jumping in the ring.

Angelina — who’s trying to turn her recent TNA appearance into a full-time job — tells TMZ, it’s totally obvious Snooki is ripping her off by trying to be a wrestler … claiming Snook has been jealous of her since day one.

And that’s just the beginning — Angelina throws in one final jab, adding, Snooki is “a fat troll who should never wear those shorts … or be in a wrestling ring.”

As far as we’re concerned, there’s only one way to settle this.