SPOILERS: TNA Impact tapings for March 31

Don Moss passed along the following report:

Dark Match: Bobby Shields vs Jacob Tarr, Tarr gets win, great match. For a dark match crowd was really into it.

Xplosion Match: Rosita vs Mickie James, James wins.

TNA Impact tapings for March 31:

Mr Anderson out, brings Hebner out, last night’s match was a DQ win by RVD because of Anderson attacking Sting. Not sure if it was Sting or RVD out next, RVD wants the match to be a 3 way at Lockdown. Hogan and Bischoff out, announce RVD, Sting and Anderson vs Abyss, Matt Hardy and Bully Ray tonight in a cage.

Orlando Jordan and Eric Young out to announcers table.

Shannon Moore vs. Scott Steiner, decent match. Steiner with the Frankensteiner for the win.

Doug Williams and Magnus attach OJ and EY on the ramp.

Max Buck vs Jeremy Buck. Guess they got the repost last night that said it should’ve been a Impact match. Almost the same from start to finsh. Max Buck with the win.

Winter vs Velvet Sky, Winter by Submission. Angelina appeared on ramp but didn’t come down to help.

Anderson comes back out, calls out Sting. They brawl over the arena. Hardy, Bully and Abyss out to attack. RVD to save Sting, didn’t help Anderson. Kurt Angle out. Calls out Jarrett. Jarrett out with Rob Terry. Back and forth until Angle locks on the ankle lock. Terry taps and bell rings, Angle’s in street clothes, didn’t know it was a match. Angle tries ankle lock on JJ, shoe comes off and Angle chases him up the ramp.

Immortal out with Flair. RVD out. Anderson out. Sting attacks Anderson on his way out. RVD is dragged in for a 3 on 1 until Sting gets in. Anderson takes a seat outside. Eventually Hogan comes out, wearing back brace, and hits Anderson and throws him back in. Anderson knocks RVD off top rope allowing Bully Ray to get pin, Anderson leaves. Fortune comes out for brawl. Kazarian bleeds big time. Out of no where Christopher Daniels climbs the cage and dives on Immortal. Huuuugggeeee “Fallen Angel” chant starts followed by “Welcome Back”.

On a side note, I was there on a Victory Road VIP pass. Regardless of how the company operates they really go out of their way for the people who paid to be there. Entrance
Ramp videos on Saturday with a RVD meet and greet and signed figure, pick your seats for PPV and 3 tapings. Monday was a Matt Hardy meet and greet, Tuesday was Eric Young, Orlando Jordan and Velvet Sky and tonight was Kurt Angle. They all signed promos, whatever you had for them and took pics. Definetly worth $100.

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