Mark Holdsworth sent this in:

It might be interesting to note, in conjunction with TNA’s big launch last week, TNA has updated/changed their logo slightly. The logo is now more streamlined, and only features Red and Silver (rather then the previous stretched out red and gold logo). In addition, even more interesting to note is that since last Monday night, they are now really pushing that they are “wrestling” over being “sports entertainment”, as TNA is really trying to differentiate themselves over WWE. This appears to be the brain child of Eric Bischoff, whom really feels it is important to brand themselves and find their niche over the WWE. In doing so, the have also dropped their “Total Non-Stop Action” verbiage as part of their logo as well, now simply reading as “TNA Wrestling.”

In a funny note, in addition to Hulk Hogan screwing up his promo last week, stating he was in the back all day, while they just showed his motorcade for the previous hour, he as screwed up by saying that TNA will soon be the “#1 sports entertainment company”, when all through out the show and post press conference, TNA was pushing that they are not “sports entertainment” and that they were proud to say they are “wrestling”!

You can see their new logo below:

Old logo:

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