During a radio appearance on “The Drive” on Tuesday in Charlotte on WFNZ, Ric Flair addressed his incident with TNA Wrestling during the company’s recent European tour.

“When you work for WWE, you are used to funds being available for you, if you think I am going to spend my own money, you are out of your mind. With Vince…like any other company that grows, you have growing pains, financial growing pains. When you agree to go overseas, you assume you are going like any other company and very simply, I wasn’t informed differently. I said, ‘Hey I need some money while I’m here. I’m not blowing up my credit card. Just pay me what you owe me every night’ and they don’t do that. I wasn’t told in a very nice way so I stayed in the hotel for another day. I’m not knocking. I think TNA is great, just they have growing pains.”

Source: David Houston