Confusion remains regarding TNA rebranding Impact to “Impact Wrestling” last night on Spike TV. Before the show had aired, Hulk Hogan led people to believe via Twitter that the TNA name was being dropped completely. Jeff Jarrett, in an attempt to squash the confusion, said only the name of the television show was changing.

Now, Kurt Angle is tossing in more confusion following an appearance on the “Busted Open” satellite radio show. When asked about the name change and if the TNA name was gone, Angle had the following to say.

“Gone, yeah. Impact Wrestling is the new name of the company. I personally believe in it because when it comes down to it, you can’t take the word wrestling out of pro wrestling. Any storyline, or any feud…when you do that, it’s entertainment and you’re doing the storylines, but where does it ultimately end up? In the wrestling ring. At the PPV, the payoff. So how can you take wrestling out of pro wrestling….you can’t. That’s what they (the fans) buy tickets for. They buy tickets to watch guys wrestle. Not to be actors and entertain us. They pay to watch great wrestling.”

Materials issued by TNA late Thursday night continued to mention the “TNA” name, but reiterating that the weekly Thursday night show on Spike TV has been renamed “Impact Wrestling.” Of course, it didn’t help that Jason Hervey (who helps with production with TNA and is part of the Bischoff-Hervey Entertainment group with Eric Bischoff) also stated the company was being renamed instead of just the television show. Nothing on TNA’s official website seems to suggest this however.