The following was taped on Monday, May 16 in Orlando, FL:

Dark Match:

-Robbie E. def. Jesse from “Big Brother”

Impact Wrestling for May 19:

-Immortal comes out to the ring. They say that Hulk Hogan and Mick Foley are in NYC to meet with the Network. Tonight Immortal is in charge. Brian Kendrick brings a bunch of X-Division wrestlers to interrupt so Bischoff books them in matches. Immortal then attacks the X-Division guys until Fortune makes the save.

-Mickie James, Tara & Miss Tessmacher def. Sarita, Rosita & Madison Rayne

-Abyss def. Kazarian to win the X-Division Championship

-Samoa Joe def. Amazing Red in a quick match. Joe kept trash talking him so Crimson made the save.

-Tommy Dreamer and AJ Styles, who is wearing a neck brace, talk in the ring. Dreamer lays him out and Christopher Daniels makes the save. Bully Ray attacks Styles. Dreamer keeps attacking Styles and he has to be helped out of the ring.

-Kurt Angle and Jeff Jarrett meet in the ring and make a match for Slammiversary. The winner will be the number one contender for the TNA Title. Angle mentions that Karen is gone because of Sacrifice. Jarrett says if he win then he’ll get Angle’s medals. Karen comes out in a wheelchair and Velvet Sky shoves her down the ramp.

-Matt Hardy & Eric Bischoff def. Generation Me. Bischoff picked up the pinfall.

-Velvet Sky def. Angelina Love & Winter. ODB returned after and beat up Sky.

-Gunner beat up Eric Young backstage.

-They have a segment with Robert Roode and Ric Flair. Immortal attacks Roode and they injure his shoulder in revenge of Flair.

-Sting comes to the ring and says his main focus is Hulk Hogan. Mr. Anderson comes out after dressed as Sting in the 1980’s. Anderson lays Sting out to end the show.


-Desmond Wolfe returns as Xplosion commissioner.

-D’Angelo Dinero def. Suicide

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