Mick Foley has a new blog up on TNAwrestling.com where he talks about the live TNA Impact on January 4 this past Monday and encouraging Ric Flair to join the company.

“I’ll bet there are some people out there wondering how I personally felt about the arrival of the “Nature Boy” into TNA, given our history. Well, believe it or not, a couple nights after Christmas, I had a phone conversation with Ric Flair, during which I strongly reccomended he make the switch. I’m not sure what difference, if any, my words had, but I think Ric will feel right at home in the “Impact Zone” and on Spike.

If I had one fault with the show, it would simply be that there were so many big things happening, so quickly, that I’m not sure our television audience had a chance to digest and appreciate all of them. Hopefully, we will find a way to make the most out of all these big surprises in the upcoming weeks; to continue the momentum that Monday afforded us, and to keep that buzz going.”

To check out the full blog, click here.

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