TNA’s Vince Russo has issued a new blog over on his official Facebook page commenting on the January 4 edition of TNA Impact that went head-to-head with Monday Night Raw.

“A 1.5 is a tremendous, tremendous rating going head to head with “Raw”, and nobody can take that away from us. Keller, Meltzer, all the other dirt sheet writers that some of you may know, can critique all they want–the bottom line is–TNA WON–PERIOD. However, the reason we won is because all of you came out. You came out and you watched TNA. Whether you were a channel changer, or not, you spent some time with us on Monday night and that’s all we wanted. I can’t thank you enough–I really can’t. Without your support, Vince Russo does not do what I know I was born to do. Without your support–quite frankly–I don’t know what I’d be doing.

We learned a lot, on Monday night as a company–a lot. We hit some home runs, but also struck out once, or twice–but that’s OK. What really mattered is that we took risks. We gave you everything we had–and didn’t play it safe. That’s what Eric Bischoff and Russo/Ferrara both did back in the mid-to late 90’s. Nothing was safe–NOTHING. The programming, whether it was WWF, or WCW was DANGEROUS. Never one time, no matter how hot we got–did Eric or I EVER rest on our laurels–NEVER. I can’t tell you how long Vince has been resting on his . . . I honestly can’t.

I sat in the production truck and I watched our show, side-by-side to Vince’s Monday night. It was great to see Bret–I love the guy–always have. But as our show went on, and as I watched his, I just kept asking myself–“where’s the effort”? Does Vince think that little of TNA that he felt that he could just produce “another show” on Monday night? I mean, you take away that first segment and that last segment, and you had a wrestling show that wasn’t even mediocre at best. Again–going back to the 90’s–that NEVER, would have happened if Eric, or I were in Vince’s shoes–NEVER. Resting on your laurels is the worst mistake that anyone can ever make–no matter what type of business you are in.”

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