SPOILERS: Impact tapings for 1/14

Results courtesy of The Wrestling Observer Newsletter:


Eric Young b Consequences Creed.

Generation Me (Nick & Matt Jackson) b Motor City Machine Guns.

Impact for the 14th

Kurt Angle did an interview saying A.J. beat him fair and square, and he was the better man that night, but on the 17th, he’ll be the better man and win the title back. The stipulation is that if Angle doesn’t win, he won’t get another title shot in the year 2010.

Styles was attacked by the masked guy, who unmasked, revealing Tomko.

Hamada & Awesome Kong b Madison Rayne & Velvet Sky – Angelina Love returned as a fan in the front row and after the match, attacked Sky, Rayne and Lacey Von Erich.

Styles goes to Uncle Eric and demands a match with Tomko. Bischoff said only if he puts the title up. Styles agrees.

Beer Money challenges Scott Hall & Kevin Nash on the PPV. Bischoff doesn’t agree to it right away.

Sean Morley, using that name, said he was custom made for TNA. He did a bunch of porn references in his interview. Daniels comes out and said he wants to pitch an idea for a movie to Morley, but then attacked him and laid him out. Daniels said that’s how they eliminate scum in TNA. But then Morley comes back and beats him up.

Hernandez & Matt Morgan b Beer Money via DQ when Rob Terry interfered. Morgan and Terry brawled and then Hall, Nash and Waltman laid out Beer Money.

Bischoff then announced Beer Money vs. Hall & Nash on the PPV.

Desmond Wolfe b Samoa Joe clean. Set up Wolfe vs. The Pope in a match.

Bobby Lashley beat up Jay Lethal and Consequences Creed.

Team 3-D b Lethal & Creed pinning Creed. Bubba said they want The Nasty Boys.

Jeff Jarrett confronted Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff, saying he built the company. Bischoff said he ruined the company and Dixie Carter saved the company and that now business is turning around without him. Hogan told Jarrett to leave.

A.J. Styles b Tomko with the Pele kick. Ric Flair announced. Tomko attacked Styles after and Kurt Angle made the save. The show ended with Styles refusing to shake Angle’s hand and Flair getting off on it, ending with a Flair-Angle staredown.

Tara b Daffney.

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