Speculation as to who might surprisingly appear at tonight’s big live edition of TNA Impact has been wild over the past few weeks.

Wrestleview.com recently reported that Shannon Moore and Jeff Hardy will be in Orlando tonight.

While nothing has been confirmed as of yet, another report was sent to us here at Wrestleview about a big name free agent who might appear on Impact tonight. This was sent this in today:

“My cousin has been traveling back from Houston to DC since yesterday, hoping to get home in time for wrestling tonight. He just called to let me know he ran into Ric Flair at the airport in Charlotte. Being a huge wrestling fan and that we’ve met Flair on several occasions, he asked Flair where he was heading to which he replied, “Orlando, brother.”

Again, nothing has been confirmed, but if this report is, in fact, true, Ric Flair is scheduled to be in Orlando and possibly make an appearance on tonight’s TNA Impact broadcast.

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