EXCLUSIVE: Photos from Hogan party

WrestleView.com VIP member Jeremy Samples sent this in:

You’ve already noted everyone in attendance (click here for earlier report). When I walked in, Kip James was talking to Hulk Hogan for a long conversations over at the bar that was contained within the room.

There were many discussions between Hogan and Russo. Also, between Bischoff, Russo, Hogan, Jason Hervey. The steel asylum match was confirmed for Impact. The time for the TNA Rally at the CityWalk stage was changed from 4 to 5.

Hogan, however, did not appear much. He seemed to just mainly be talking business with those figures in attendance. TNA was not estimating that many people for the rally. It was held in a very small room upstairs inside the Margaritaville restaurant at CityWalk. Mainly the only things that went down, was fan footage filmed for Impact, for Bubba’s radio show(audio and video, I guess for website), they interviewed a few fans for Bubba’s show.

It did get fans that were there cheering and excited for the show, however, I would say the physical vibe was that many were very disappointed in the fact that Hogan did not do much more than only cut a promo to end the party/rally. He cut a promo thanking everyone for coming, and saying that he was “now going to talk business with his boys, and that they were putting the ‘band back together'”. Scott Hall, as reported, was also in attendance quickly then went downstairs to their private “meeting headquarters” thing. Everyone was mainly downstairs while JB screamed at us to chant TNA.

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