Recap of Hulk Hogan on England’s BBC Radio 5

Thanks to Nathan Jackson and Carl Withers for also sending word.

Wayne Martin sent this recap in:

It started off with the host, Richard Bacon apologizing for a lack of interview time due to the London riots getting more news time, Hogan said it was big news in America and he was praying for the country, and then went into character saying he’d drop legs on the rioters and bodyslam them like he did Andre the Giant, he briefly promoted the Impact UK tour, mentioning RVD, Kurt Angle and Sting. Then Richard Bacon asked questions that people had tweeted.

On missing out advertising the George Foreman grill:
Hogan said his kids moaned about him being on the phone non stop and being late picking them up from school, so the one day he turned phone off, was on time and took them out for a burger, and he missed that call about the grill which Foreman had agreed to advertise by the time he rang back, so he jokingly blamed Brooke and Nick, and estimated it cost him $250m

He was asked if Randy Savage was his best opponent:
Hogan paid tribute saying Savage was so good, entertaining and versatile that they could go to MSG, London Arena and sell them out time after time, he also claims the Savage feuds made him the most money

On being asked if he’d ever have 1 more match:
Hogan never said yes or no, but he did say he’d step into the ring to fight, and he taught Sting a lesson the previous night, but the presenter never pressed him on an answer or the back surgeries

It ended with the host asking him to mention the pythons, Hogan duly obliged saying if there wasn’t more time next time he’d wrap the 24″ pythons round his neck brutha and whatcha gonna do?

All in all, it was good hyping for the tour and banter, but because of the morons over here rioting, not much time.

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