The following took place on Thursday in Huntsville, Alabama.

Impact Wrestling tapings for September 1 and September 8:

* Hulk Hogan comes out talking about an offer made by Ric Flair. Kurt Angle comes out and this sets up Angle vs. Sting for the TNA Championship later tonight.

* Gunner def. Rob Van Dam in a Bound for Glory Series match. Jerry Lynn once again interfered during RVD’s match.

* Eric Bischoff came out with Traci Brooks addressing all of the Knockouts in the ring. He named Karen Jarrett the head of the Knockouts division and Karen added both ODB and Jackie to the roster. She then named Brooks as her new assistant.

* Jesse Sorenson and Brian Kendrick def. Austin Aries and Kid Kash.

* Mickie James def. Winter to become the new TNA Knockouts Champion.

* Matt Morgan called out Samoa Joe. Joe came out and both brawled. Joe hit Morgan in the arm with a chair against the steel ring post.

* Christopher Daniels def. AJ Styles.

* Kurt Angle def. Sting to retain the TNA Championship with Hulk Hogan as the special guest referee. Anderson made the save when Immortal hit the ring to beat up on Sting.

This is believed to be when the first taping finished.

* “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero and Devon def. The British Invasion to become the #1 contenders for the TNA Tag Team Championships.

* Jeremy Borash introduced the final four of the Bound for Glory Series: Bully Ray, Beer Money and Gunner.

* Eric Young def. Robbie E to retain the TNA TV Championship.

* Winter and Angelina Love def. TNA Knockouts Champion Mickie James and Velvet Sky.

* Austin Aries came out to cut a promo. Brian Kendrick came out a short time later to have an exchange with Aries.

* Gunner def. Bully Ray and Beer Money in a four corners match.

* Mr. Anderson def. Kurt Angle via DQ in a TNA Championship match.

* Jeff Hardy closed the show with it being made clear that “The Network” wanted to give Hardy a live mic. Hardy cut a promo about letting the fans and the guys down in the back. He said he couldn’t expect everyone to forgive him, but asked for another shot and leaves.