The following took place on Tuesday in Orlando, Florida.

TNA Impact Wrestling tapings for October 20:

* The taping kicked off with Sting coming out and he talked about living up to his promises: getting the company back in the hands of Dixie Carter and bringing back the “real” Hulk Hogan. He talks about someone doing the right thing at Bound for Glory and brings out Hulk Hogan. Hogan comes out to a big reaction and talks about “being in a bad place” for the last year with Eric Bischoff. He said when Bischoff made bad decisions he followed when he should have been a leader. Hogan thanks Sting. Dixie Carter is out next and Hogan leaves. Sting tells Dixie that there is no more room for error. Dixie apologizes and says this will never happen again. She then announces that Sting will be made responsible for all of the day-to-day decisions regarding Impact Wrestling. Kurt Angle comes out and said that is great, but he actually runs things since he is the champion. He talked about making Bobby Roode look like a loser at Bound for Glory. Roode is out next saying Angle screwed him and what happened at Bound for Glory was bullsh*t. Sting tries to book Angle vs. Roode tonight for the title, but Angle brings up a provision in the Bound for Glory Series contract where Roode would only be granted one shot. James Storm is out next and mentions that contract doesn’t say he can’t wrestle Angle. He said Angle screwed the fans, Impact Wrestling and Roode at Bound for Glory. Sting books Angle vs. Storm tonight for the title.

* Tara and Brooke Tessmacher def. Winter and Angelina Love to retain the TNA Knockouts Tag Team Championships.

* Jeff and Karen Jarrett come out to the ring. Jarrett calls out Jeff Hardy. He brings up that Victory Road wasn’t the only time Hardy screwed TNA and mentions no-showing a PPV during his early days with the company. Jarrett gives him two options: he can leave or face the founder. Hardy and Jarrett start to brawl.

* Abyss def. Gunner.

* New TNA Knockouts Champion Velvet Sky came out to the ring talking about what it meant to win her first Knockouts title. She talked about being bullied as a kid when Karen Jarrett interrupts. Karen talked about how she wanted to strip Sky of the title, but has other plans now. Madison Rayne comes out distracting Sky. Gail Kim returns through the crowd. Gail Kim and Rayne both attack Sky.

* Eric Bischoff and Immortal come out to the ring. Bischoff talks about dealing with his son referee Jackson James in private (revealing his real name to be Garrett Bischoff). He adds he would hope Hogan would explain his actions to his face tonight. Hogan comes out and said Garrett did a brave thing at Bound for Glory. Immortal starts to circle Hogan. Sting comes out with bats in hand, giving one to Hogan and Immortal bails. Garrett Bischoff then attacks his father on the ramp.

* James Storm def. Kurt Angle to become the NEW TNA Champion. This was described as a very quick match with Angle punching Storm repeatedly, the referee gets involved to break it up, Angle argues with the referee and then Storm hits his superkick for the win. After the match, Bobby Roode, AJ Styles and Kazarian come down to celebrate. Storm gets on the mic and talks about how honored he is to win the title. He hands the title to Roode, who tells him he appreciates the gesture, but that Storm deserved it.

* Xplosion: Jesse Sorensen def. Robbie E.