The following took place on Wednesday in Orlando, Florida.

TNA Impact Wrestling for October 27, 2011:

* The show opened with new TNA Champion James Storm talking about how he watched Wrestlemania III with his father and wanted to be a pro wrestler, wishing his dad could see this. Fortune came out and Storm said he wanted to give Bobby Roode the first title shot since he was screwed at Bound for Glory. Samoa Joe comes out and mocked Storm saying he will be the champion who “only gives title shots to his friends.” Sting then books Bobby Roode vs. Samoa Joe with the winner earning a shot at the TNA Championship.

* Rob Van Dam def. Christopher Daniels via DQ. Daniels hit RVD with a toolbox and was going to attack RVD with a screwdriver, but AJ Styles ran in for the save.

* Karen Jarrett, Gail Kim, Madison Rayne and Traci Brooks all came out to the ring. Kim claimed to give Sky a concussion. Karen announces Kim will get a title shot against Sky at the Turning Point PPV.

* Gail Kim def. Tara.

* Eric Young def. Robbie E. After the match, Robbie and Rob Terry attacked Young. Young then said he would be bringing back up with him when Impact goes to Macon: Ronnie from MTV’s Jersey Shore.

* Eric Bischoff called out his son Garrett (aka referee Jackson James). He demanded his son apologize and called him a prick. Ric Flair also told Garrett he needed to apologize.

* Jeff Jarrett did an interview talking about Jeff Hardy no-showing the Turning Point PPV back in 2004. They do another brawl and Bully Ray jumps Hardy.

* Jeff Hardy def. Bully Ray. Mr. Anderson made the save when Jarrett and Ray attacked Hardy.

* Bobby Roode def. Samoa Joe to become the #1 contender for the TNA Championship. Roode will face James Storm for the TNA Championship for the tapings to air on 11/3.

* Bischoff came back out demanding an apology from his son Garrett. Garrett refused. Flair came out and demanded Garrett say he is sorry. Garrett pushed Flair. Flair and Bischoff beat down Garrett.

Source: The Wrestling Observer