Jeff Hardy on moving on after his recent problems

Scott Fishman of The Miami Herald is featuring an interview with TNA star Jeff Hardy talking about his return to TNA and moving past his recent problems in 2011.

“It’s over. I’ve done my 10 days. I’m on intensive probation right now, but it’s cool that I’m still able to work. I have a curfew when I am at home. I have to be in at six o’clock. I can’t have any company after six o’clock. I’m two months into that, so I have four months of that left. Then I have 30 months of regular probation. I’ve moved on. It was a rough, dark time in my life, and it was a lot of stress, but I feel better that I’m finally over that.”

Hardy also talks about getting back on the road with TNA.

“I’ve been doing really well. We just got back yesterday from doing four live events in Michigan, Ohio and Canada. We had four great shows. Physically, I’m in really good shape. I run every morning, I work out more than I probably ever have in probably my whole life, so everything’s extremely positive, and I think that’s playing a big part in the way I feel in the ring. I feel awesome. Each match I’ve had since I’ve been back has felt really good. I’m excited about my future.”