The following was taped on Tuesday, November 15 in Orlando, Florida:

Dark Match:

* Austin Aries def. Alex Silva.

Impact Wrestling for November 24:

* They retaped the ending of the November 17 taping with AJ Styles and James Storm before they began this taping.

* Matt Morgan and Crimson def. Mexican America to retain the TNA Tag Team Championships.

* Karen Jarrett comes out with Gail Kim, Madison Rayne, and Traci Brooks. Jarrett calls out all the other Knockouts, and she sets up a lingerie match for later tonight.

* Kurt Angle came to the ring to talk about James Storm. Storm came out, and he wanted to fight Angle. Angle told him that others wanted to fight Storm. That brought out Jeff Jarrett, Bully Ray, and Christopher Daniels. Storm said his daughter asked him to hit Angle, so he does. They all attack Storm until Mr. Anderson, AJ Styles, and Rob Van Dam come out for the save. Security runs down to bring some order. Bobby Roode sneaks out, and he hits Storm.

* Velvet Sky, Brook Tessmacher, and Tara def. Madison Rayne, Winter, and Angelina Love in a Lingerie match.

* Jeff Jarrett came to the ring pretending to be Jeff Hardy. That brought Hardy out to attack him, which in turn brought out Christopher Daniels and Bully Ray to attack Hardy. AJ Styles, Mr. Anderson, and RVD ran out for another save.

* Eric Young def. Robbie E. in a “loser wears a turkey suit” match.

* AJ Styles, Jeff Hardy, Mr. Anderson, and Rob Van Dam def. Bobby Roode, Jeff Jarrett, Christopher Daniels, and Bully Ray in an elimination match. James Storm and Kurt Angle, who were at ringside, got into a fight. Roode laid out Hardy and Styles to end the show.

* Xplosion: Kazarian def. Magnus.