Vatican copyright claim on “Pope”

In a move likely prompted by non-wrestling factors, The Holy See (the religious jurisdiction of Rome and the ultimate ruling body of all things Roman Catholic) are attempting to exercise trademark protection law to prevent non-religious use of the term “Pope.” The Pope is the religious leader of many Christian faiths. Catholic religious teaching says that the Pope is God’s human interpreter of the Catholic faith and holds special “infallibility” when it comes to such interpretation.

This protection of the namesake and likeness of their religious leader will undoubtedly draw attention to the use of TNA superstar, D’Angelo Dinero‘s moniker, “The Black Pope.”

It is unknown at this time whether TNA is aware of this Catholic edict or whether or not they have plans to respect this request. It is also unknown at this time whether the Holy See is aware of TNA’s use of the term “Pope” in their storylines.


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