Predictions from the Faculty Lounge
PPV: WWE TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs (December 13)
Written by: Anthony J. Valvo
Predictions by: staff and readers

Hey, TNA has another Pay-Per-View!! And you know that that means. It is time for The Faculty to regroup from WWE’s TLC and provide our choices for this upcoming PPV. I won?t go too much into detail. I won?t keep the students in suspense anymore, as we have a VERY close battle for the Dean Title at WrestleView.

Here is a look at where the Faculty stands as of WWE’s TLC Pay-per-view.

1) Jose Marrero (Wrestling Rumblings)?????????..??104-72 (4-3)
2) Joe Baiamonte (Baiamonte’s Casa)?????????……..102-73 (5-2)
3) Josh Boutwell (Viva La Raza and TNA Recapper)…???101-75 (4-3)
4) WrestleView Students (The Loyal Readers)????????98-78 (3-4)
5) David Stephens (That’s a Wrap and ECW Recapper)??96-80 (3-4)
6) Josh Piedra (The Shoot)???????????????????92-64 (4-3)
7) Anthony Valvo (From the Desk of Mr. V/ROH Recaps)?92-84 (3-4)
8) Mike Siciliano (Pro’s From the Palace)???????????89-81 (3-4) **
9) Matt O?Brien (Notes From The Nosebleeds)????????81-64 (3-4)
10) Chris Kelly (King of All Wrestling Media)?????????74-52 (3-4)
11) Doug Lackey (Reality From Ringside)???????????.67-74 (3-4)
12) Sean Hurley (The Sharpshooter)??????????????.66-44 (6-1)
13) Phil Chroniger (On Second Thought..)??????????..64-62 (0-0)
14) Mike Tedesco (Smackdown and Superstars Recapper)?.34-25 (4-3)
15) Mike Klubnik (Stylin? and Profilin?)?????????????..20-14 (0-0)
16) Ryan Droste (Ask WV)?????????????????????.4-4 (0-0)

**Mike Siciliano’s in-depth selections are on his latest column, Pro’s From The Palace #356.

On a side note, the standings will be reset after the WWE Royal Rumble.

Absent this week are: Sean Hurley, Phil Chroniger, Mike Tedesco, Mike Klubnik, and Ryan Droste.

Joe Baiamonte will provide picks at a later time. The former Dean is one busy man 🙂 When he e-mails me his picks I will get them up on WrestleView one way or another.

Well, we are near the end of this year’s picks. Only TNA’s Genesis and WWE’s Royal Rumble to go until we close the book in our first year of predictions. So, who will be the Dean after this PPV? Will it be Jose Marrero, our current Dean? Will Joe Baiamonte be able to recapture the top spot after controlling the top spot for most of the year? Or will Josh Boutwell finally get sole possession of first place? Hopefully, the smoke will setting with our latest selections.

So, without further adieu, please all The Faculty to present the predictions for TNA’s Final Resolution.

Non-Title Matches

Raven and Dr. Stevie vs. Abyss and Mick Foley

Jose M. – They haven’t done anything at all to build this feud that has really meant anything. Mick Foley looks to be more behind Jeff Jarrett’s return and Hulk Hogan’s entry into TNA than this and that will ultimately be why DR. STEVIE AND RAVEN walk away victors.

Joe B. – N/A

Josh B. – FOLEY & ABYSS. I just don’t see Foley & Abyss taking the loss here though they could play off of Foley being less than focused on this match the past month.



Anthony V. – I dread this match. I don?t know the purpose of this and I sure as heck don?t know why these guys are on the PPV yet Amazing Red is not on the card. Since I have to pick, I am going to go with ABYSS and FOLEY because I am not going to bet on Raven again.

Mike S. – RAVEN AND STEVIE over Foley & Abyss (Can we see Foley turn AGAIN?)



Doug L. – DR. STEVIE AND RAVEN via my twisted logic for the end of 2009. There’s only one reason I need to give for all of my predictions: I’m going for the 0-fer!

And the winners will be: MICK FOLEY & ABYSS. Thought Dr. Stevie and Raven are working better as a team recently the majority of the faculty predicts the hardcore legends as the winners in this contest.

Result: Abyss/Foley 6; Stevie/Raven 3.

**Last Man Standing**
Bobby Lashley vs. Scott Steiner

Jose M. – You know if Lashley was going to lose this would be the month to do so with him having a title shot scheduled. However he already lost once to Steiner he will not do so again. BOBBY LASHLEY by KO.

Joe B. – N/A

Josh B. – LASHLEY. Don’t see “The Boss” taking another loss (Slim Thug says Bosses dont take losses at all Bobby) on PPV.


Josh P. – LASHLEY.

Anthony V. – This match intrigues me. Not from a wrestling standpoint, but I ponder what Scott Steiner will have up his sleeve in this match. Steiner will be solid, but since he won last month I will give the edge to LASHLEY this weekend.

Mike S. – LASHLEY kills Steiner.

Matt O. – LASHLEY.


Doug L. – STEINER via gagging Lashley with his Myrtle Beach Airbrushed T-shirt.

And the winner will be: BOBBY LASHLEY. Other than Prof. Lackey and his quest of going 0-fer everyone else chose TNA’s ?Boss?. Scott Steiner won last month, so do we all think it will happen once again? No Way!

Result: Lashley 8; Steiner 1.

**Eight Man Elimination Tag Match**
Brother Ray, Brother DeVon, Rhino, and Jesse Neal
Matt Morgan, Hernandez, D?Angelo Dinero, and Suicide

Jose M. – Babyfaces really need a win here as they have been looking really bad over the past couple of months. Give this one to TEAM MORGAN.

Joe B. – N/A

Josh B. – TEAM MORGAN. This one is way up in the air but I’m going with the babyfaces this go around since the heels won last month.



Anthony V. – If this was a regular tag match I would go with the bad guys. But since this is elimination I will pick MORGAN AND FRIENDS over The ECW guys (and the wannabe). On a side note, does Jesse Neal look like a guy that was created in a video game?

Mike S. – Does anyone truly care about this eight man? 3D, RHINO, & JESSE ?CAW? NEAL.

Matt O. – MORGAN & CO.


Doug L. – TEAM 3D/RHINO/NEAL via constantly reminding us how the other guys represent ‘the guys in the back’.

And the winners will be: TEAM MORGAN. As Dean Marrero mentioned, the faces on this team were jobbing all over the place the last few weeks and it is time to put an end to this nonsense. We will go with Morgan and his team and not look back.

Result: Team Morgan 7; Team Ray 2.

**3 Degrees of Pain**
(Match #1: Pinfall Only. Match #2: Submission Only. Match #3: Six Sides of Steel)
Kurt Angle vs. Desmond Wolfe

Jose M. – NIGEL MCGUINNNES will not drop two in a row to Kurt Angle so he will win here.

Joe B. – N/A.

Josh B. – ANGLE. Angle will probably be moving on to something else while Wolfe will still look strong especially since it’s damn near guaranteed he at least wins one fall in this one.

David S. – KURT ANGLE.

Josh P. – WOLFE.

Anthony V. – The Match of the Night in my opinion. I am a big fan of both guys and I hate to pick a winner here. I don?t know how the production team will set up a cage fast enough to make this a three fall contest. I still think it will go three matches, and I will say that ANGLE wins the pinfall and the cage match, while Wolfe wins by submission. If they want to make Angle a contender come Genesis, you have to put him over tonight.

Mike S. – ANGLE over Wolfe 2 falls to 1.

Matt O. – ANGLE.

Chris K. – ANGLE.

Doug L. – ANGLE via Jarrett reminding us why we should at least try to be entertained by a story that only the Mountain Dew-fueled, hygienically-challenged should deem worth their attention.

And the winner will be: KURT ANGLE. Though Desmond (aka Nigel McGuinness) Wolfe made statements in the recent weeks over Angle, the faculty strongly agreed that The Olympic Gold Medalist will come out on top during a pay-per-view.

Result: Angle 7; Wolfe 2.

**Feast or Fired Match**

Note: The Faculty will predict who gets the cases and (though optional) also predict who get the Title Shots (as well as the pink slip). Futhermore, it will be debated if we should even count the wins and losses in this match since we won?t know who got what case until a later date. We will keep you posted on this and when we find out something, I will add the decision under ?comments? posted under the column.

The Competitors: Samoa Joe, Robert Roode, James Storm, Eric Young, Homicide, Sheik Abdul Bashir, Kiyoshi, Kevin Nash, Cody Deaner, Jay Lethal, and Consequences Creed

Jose M. – The only thing I hate more than this match is the fact that it may cost me my deanship depending on how it is scored. With that being said I am going to give it my best shot and go with CODY DEANER, JAMES STORM, SAMOA JOE and KEVIN NASH to come home with briefcases. Deaner gets fired, Joe gets the tag title shot, James Storm gets the X Division and Nash gets the world title shot

Joe B. – N/A

Josh B. – Samoa Joe, Robert Roode, James Storm, Eric Young, Kevin Nash, Kiyoshi, Homicide, Sheik Abdul Bashir, Cody Deaner, Jay Lethal, and Consequences Creed

JOE earns TNA World Title shot
CREED earns TNA X-Division Title shot
STORM or ROODE earns Tag Titles shot for BEER MONEY
DEANER finally gets the pink slip. peace out!

David S. – CODY DEANER FIRED, Other three cases will go to: ERIC YOUNG, ROBERT ROODE & HOMICIDE

Josh P. – there’s like what.. 4 briefcases? JOE, HOMICIDE, ROODE, AND CREED to get briefcases. I’ll be bold and say Joe for World, Homicide for X, Roode for Tag, and Creed for fired.

Anthony V. – Wow, what a cluster this is going to be. I will say that SAMOA JOE gets the World Title shot, HOMICIDE earns the X Division shot (again), JAMES STORM picks up the Tag Title Shot, and CONSEQUENCES CREED will be terminated.

Mike S. – JOE wins the world title shot. HOMICIDE wins the X title shot. STORM
wins the tag title shot for Beer Money. DEANER gets fired.



Doug L. – I HAVE ABSOLUTELY how many cases there are supposed to be… 4? 6? Give the irrelevant cases to BASHIR, CREED, KIYOSHI, and DEANER.

And the case winners will be: Since this is really going to be a clusterbomb, I won?t even go with who will come out on top and who will not. However, based on the faculty’s votes, I will give you a rundown.

Result: SAMOA JOE most likely will get the TNA Title Shot. HOMICIDE will likely earn the X Division Shot. One of the members of BEER MONEY will earn a Tag Team Title Shot. Finally, mostly likely saying farewell will be CODY DEANER.

Title Matches

**For the TNA Knockout’s Division Championship**
ODB (c) vs. Tara

Jose M. – I no longer care about this feud but TARA should win.

Joe B. – N/A.

Josh B. – TARA.

David S. – TARA.

Josh P. – TARA.

Anthony V. – Before Thursday I did not know who was face and who was heel. I guess ODB is the heel, right? This is tough and I am going to go with my first instinct here. TARA wins this match and all will be right in the world. Plus, I think the belt would look good on her anyway. Sorry ODB, but to the Trash Talk segments with you.

Mike S. – TARA over ODB.

Matt O. – TARA.

Chris K. – TARA.

Doug L. – ODB via flask o’doom.

And the winner will be: TARA. ODB’s title reign has finally run its course and will come to an end very soon. TNA will end the year with Tara holding the title for the second time in her career.

Result: Tara 8; ODB 1.

**For the TNA World Tag Team Championship**
The British Invasion (Brutus Magnus and Doug Williams) (c’s) vs. The Motor City Machineguns (Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin)

Jose M. – Another feud I don’t care about but I would like to see MCMG go over just because there aren’t many more tag teams for the British Invasion to beat.

Joe B. – N/A

Josh B. – BRITS. Sadly the Guns still aren’t getting the straps. We’re probably heading into Beer Money and Brits again.


Josh P. – MCMG.

Anthony V. – Remember when the Guns were getting no respect over the summer? Now they are back in the fold and getting a moderate push. As much as I like the British Invasion in this one I have a feeling that Big Ogre Rob will find a way to screw this one up and for the first time the MOTOR CITY MACHINEGUNS become the TNA World Tag Team Champions!!

Mike S. – MACHINE GUNS over Invasion.


Chris K. – MCMG.

Doug L. – THE BRITS via we all damn well know they’re gonna put the belts back on every internet wrestling fans’ wet dream… it’s what they want right?

And the winners will be: THE MOTOR CITY MACHINEGUNS. The majority will go with the Guns here as the Brits have been facing a bit of a turmoil involving Big Rob. With that, we will predict NEW TNA World Tag Team Champions (or the Guns will win by DQ, who knows).

Result: Guns 6; Brits 3.

**For the TNA World Heavyweight Championship**
AJ Styles (c) vs. Daniels

Jose M. – AJ’s time as champion is almost up but not quite yet. AJ STYLES wins in a thriller.

Joe B. – N/A

Josh B. – AJ. AJ isn’t about to drop the strap to Daniels at this point.

David S. – AJ STYLES.

Josh P. – STYLES.

Anthony V. – This is tougher than one can think. I do feel bad for Styles. True, he is a fighting champion?but he is a whining champion as well. Also, Daniels is a great talent, but TNA should not put their main belt on him. I think the Man in Black will attack Styles, but Angle makes the save. I pick STYLES to go over, but it will be close.

Mike S. – STYLES over Daniels.

Matt O. – STYLES.

Chris K. – AJ.

Doug L. – STYLES via Ninja Assassin attempting to do something to Styles from behind but slips on a page of Russo’s shooty script, breaks his ankle, and Daniels is left staring into nothing.

And the winner will be: AJ STYLES. This will be the only time a Title does not change hands tonight. Though Daniels is currently on a run as a heel, there is ?No Chance? he will come out of the Impact Zone as the TNA World Champion. Look for AJ Styles to retain the title for another month.

Result: Styles 9; Daniels 0.

Well, you heard from the Faculty. We have indeed spoken in this PPV. Now it is YOUR turn, students. Make your predictions by e-mailing me at The winning ‘student? will earn a Gold Star in my upcoming column this Thursday only on We will be on an extended break so until TNA’s Genesis, we bid you farewell. Please, make sure you don?t forget anyone on your Christmas List.

Also, The WrestleView Faculty wishes you all a Safe and Happy Holiday Season.

We will see you again next, class. You are all…DISMISSED!

As always, all WrestleView faculty members thank you for reading our predictions. Best of luck to all of you!

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