The following was taped on Monday in Orlando, Florida.

TNA Impact Wrestling tapings for December 15:

* Bobby Roode defending the TNA Championship against AJ Styles went to another draw in five minutes. The premise was the fans wanted another five minutes following the 30 Minute Iron Man match at Final Resolution. Sting then came out adding another five minutes. Roode then submitted Styles to retain the TNA Title.

* Abyss and Scott Steiner def. Hernandez and Rob Terry in the tag team title tournament.

* Kurt Angle came out complaining about how bad TNA has gotten since Sting was put in charge. He said it was Sting’s fault he lost the TNA Title to James Storm and wants a rematch with Storm. Sting tells Angle that doesn’t work since Storm has beaten him twice. Angle tells Sting he will go find Storm at his house and beat him up there if he has to.

* Zema Ion def. Tony Nese.

* Gunner vs. Jesse Neal went to a no contest when Gunner hit the referee. Gunner gave Neal a piledriver on the floor and Neal was taken away on stretcher.

* Jeff Hardy talked about his title shot against Bobby Roode at Genesis. Bully Ray came out setting up a match.

* Magnus and Samoa Joe def. Douglas Williams and TNA TV Champion Robbie E in the tag team title tournament.

* Madison Rayne def. Traci Brooks.

* Devon called out “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero. Pope came out with Devon’s kids. Devon says his kids shouldn’t be in the ring. Pope says the kids want to be just like him. Devon took out Pope and tried to get his boys to leave when Pope attacked him from behind.

* Jeff Hardy def. Bully Ray. Roode attacked Hardy after the match giving him a powerbomb through a table. Sting yelled at Roode. Roode and Ray then beat down Sting.

Matches taped for the December 12 Impact Wrestling:

* Tara vs. Brooke Tessmacher went to a no contest when referee Madison Rayne attacked both.

* Eric Young and ODB def. Shannon Moore and Anarquia.

Source: The Wrestling Observer