Kurt Angle is willing to work for TNA “for free”

TimesUnion.com is featuring an interview with TNA star Kurt Angle where he talks about his Olympic wrestling aspirations in 2012 and why he would be willing to work for TNA for free if he doesn’t live up to his commitments.

“People think I’m a little nuts (on making a run at the Olympics). TNA has given me their blessing. I’m more of a part-time (pro) wrestler now. I haven’t toned down my style in the (pro) ring but I toned down the danger level. If I don’t hit a certain number of (appearances), I’ll make it up the next year. And if I don’t hit enough that year, I’ll work the fourth year for free. They’ve been very good to me and I’m very loyal to them. They want me to go for it. They’re not giving me this time off to sit on my ass.”

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