The New York Post is featuring an interview with TNA star Kurt Angle who talks about focusing on a run in the Olympics.

“I’ve been wrestling professionally for 12 years and I have been training for the Olympics for seven months. It’s going really well. I can guarantee that I will either make the Olympic team or be an alternate. I will go over to London and represent my country. Thank God TNA has backed me up. They have supported me. They gave me 25 days a month to train [for the Olympics].”

On wrestlers in WWE “stealing” his moves.

“When Jack Swagger copies my ankle lock and Randy Orton does my Angle Slam, it’s disrespectful. I didn’t come up with the Ankle Lock, Ken Shamrock came up with the Ankle Lock but I waited until he retired to do the Ankle Lock. That company has no respect for me. I love Vince McMahon. He came up with the Kurt Angle character. He ran with it and then I was able to run with it. I thank him for the opportunity he gave me. Vince McMahon was one of my best friends, period. Now I’m loyal to Dixie Carter.”