Lee McCallum sent this recap in.

Hulk Hogan on UK TV show “Loose Women” recap

showed clip from sting vs hogan from bound for glory

hogan comes out to big cheers talks about twitter and how beautiful the loose women are

he gets asked are they all friends when not wrestling each other he says mostly

talk about watching wrestling in the 80s and how the wrestling has changed since then when everyone knew it was pre determined

asked about how to decide if ur a good guy or bad guy

then asked does anyone deviate from the rules he says in 70s 80s they would be given a hard time in the back from other wrestlers nowadays u would just get fired

storylines have to move quicker now than 30 years ago due to audience

asked how much wrestling he does now he says not much due to 8 back injuries and he is now more creative and tna is doing great

plugs tour dates this week

says he only just got clearance to fly over and he will BE INVOLVED when asked if he would be wrestling this tour

tv ratings are really high over here plugs that it is highest viewed wrestling show on uk tv

he has artificial hip now and got told 15 years ago when he got knee replacement he wouldnt wrestle again

he likes to reinvent himself hence the films and tv shows and this tna light bulb is getting bigger and bigger

he invites the loose women to one of the shows

end of interview

side note from interview when hogan states tna is the highest rated uk wrestling show its a false truth as more homes get the channel its on for free and also the time the show is aired is 9 or 10pm as opposed to RAW which is aired at 2AM live