The following was taped on Saturday, January 28 in London, England:

Impact Wrestling for February 2:

* Magnus and Samoa Joe def. Matt Morgan and Crimson. Magnus and Samoa Joe won a coin toss so they were both legal in the ring at the same time whereas Morgan and Crimson had to tag in and out.

* Austin Aries def. Mark Haskins.

* Bobby Roode def. James Storm. Bully Ray interfered, and Roode slammed Storm on the title belt. Earlier in the night, Sting booked Storm to face both Roode and Bully Ray in singles matches.

* Garrett Bischoff said his trainer is in the building, and he’ll call out his father, Eric, later in the night.

* Tara def. Gail Kim (non-title).

* James Storm def. Bully Ray. Sting and Bobby Roode were at ringside.

* Garrett Bischoff came to the ring. Eric Bischoff and Gunner came out afterward. Garrett then introduced his trainer, Hulk Hogan. Hogan came out, and they all brawled to end the show.