Ring Ka King on Colors TV
January 28, 2010
Report by: Gregory “Grash” Walek of Wrestleview.com

Ring Ka King is a spin-off project of TNA Wrestling. It was created for Colors TV, a network in India. The show was filmed with both Hindu and English spoken.

The show stars with a red bus coming to a stop. The screen flashes and Mika appears with women. Mika is an Indian pop culture singer. He and the girls come down the ramp. The girls surround the ring as Mika gets in it and sings a few of his songs. This gets the crowd going.

After a few minutes, a female with a huge nose enters the arena. Her dress looks like she’s taken a page out of Jericho’s playbook minus the blinking lights. She gets in the ring and thanks Mika. The woman is revealed to be is Kubraa Sait. Mika talks again and gets a pop from the crowd. Kubraa talks again, but I can’t make out anything but The Ring Ka King Championship, Tag Team Championship, and Female Wrestlers. Kubraa introduces the commentary. They are Siddharth Kanan and Joe Bath. Sidd looks like an Indian version of Josh Mathews. Joe Bath has a Pauly E. Dangerously figure of a body. The both do a double high-five and play to the crowd.

Kubraa introduces the Harbhajan Singh, the “Ring Ka King Goodwill Ambassador”. Harbjakan is a world class cricket player. He is flanked by more women as he enters. He as music that focuses on the word, “Terminator”. Mika Hugs him and then sings. Mika gets the crowd to join in on the fun singing for Harbhajan. They talk and then Mika leaves. Harbhjan takes over with the mic in the ring.

Harbhajan begins the next part of the show with an introduction to the major part of the Ring Ka King roster.

Chavo Guerrero Jr. is introduced. We cut to a pre-taped segment with Chavo. He says he’s never been to India. But he’s here now to be the Ring Ka King Champion. He does a “Via la Rassa” and the show cuts to his entrance to the arena. Chavo has a smock that has “Warrior” written on it.

Maxx B is introduced. He looks like a live action of Balrog from Street Fighter. He is dressed looking like a boxer and enters with some moves that make him look like a boxer. He is wearing gloves which are typical of MMA, and commentary notes this. On top of all of this, Maxx B’s music has a Street Fighter feel, as well.

Brutus Magnus is introduced next. He says it’s not an issue of “IF” but when he will win the Ring Ka King Championship. The girls are still around the ring and dancing as Mangus.

Eugene is next. He’s been repackaged as He’s “Dr. Nicholas Dinsmore”. He talks about given a “Lethal Injection” and being champion as “Doctor’s Orders”. The doc is dressed in white scrubs and a stethoscope around his neck and a face mask under his neck. His music has a re-animator feel to it.

Sonjay Dutt is introduced next. Dutt has the American green money motif to his tron package. He calls him self the #1 Indian wrestler.

Mahabali Verra is the next to be introduced. His opening package shows him a back light scene with him shaking off water. He enters the arena shirtless. He has two shoulder pieces, looking like he just walked out the Road Warrior, minus the spikes. Verra gets a chant from the crowd as commentary uses the word “Superman” in reference to him.

Scott Steiner is the next to be introduced. He makes everyone know that he’s got the largest arm with the shortest fuse. Commentary calls him the “Most Dangerous, Most Experienced”. As he reaches the ring, he looks over one of the dancers.

Matt Morgan is next. He is introduced with a package of TNA clips. As he enters the arena, he strips off his shirt. He has music that sounds like a mix of Tracy Lords and Korn.

Ring Ka King Commissioner Jazzy Lahoria is brought out next. Jazzy has a Fu Man Chu and a dot on his forehead.(This dot does have culture significance) Jazzy is in a Royal Purple robes and carries a cane with him. Jazzy is companied by Deadly Danda. Deadly Danda is best describes as the “Indian Sargent Slaughter” (Thank you, Mr. V).

Harbhajan then reveals the Ring Ka King Championship belt. The dancers whom had flags earlier, now all have sparkers now. Harbhajan put the belt over his shoulder. He says some things in his native tongue, and “Wishes all the best, and God be with you. ” in English. The show moves into a package featuring clips and video of all of the 8 men.

Jermy Borash is introduced. He explains these are the 8 men who are in a tournament for the Ring Ka King Championship. He turns to Matt Morgan first, calling him the favorite. Matt says they are all honored to be in India. Magnus interupts him quickly. He says he, Steiner, and Dutt are here to take over Ring Ka King. Words are exchanged and Steiner blows his fuse and pushes Morgan. Deadly Danda is there to separate the two immediately. We cut to the commentary before heading out to break.

The Refs of Ring Ka King wear Green Shirts with Black Stripes. They look like the Love Child of Wrestling and Soccer Refs.

Mahabali Verra vs. Dr. Dinsmore

In the ring are Kubraa and Borash. Kubraa welcomes us back to the show. Borash does the ring introduction for Dr. Dinsmore. Kubraa does the introduction for Verra. He marches down to the ring and looks over to the Ring Ka King Championship before getting in the ring. Verra starts the match off with a hand lock challenge between the two. Dinsmore an Verra work back and forth before Verra knocks Dinsmore out of the ring. The two are working slow and with underwater motion feeling. Verra poses to the crowd and heads out after the Doc. Rolling him in the ring. Verra then leaps over the Doc and tries to roll him up for a pin. Dinsmore kicks out and Verra goes on more offensive till the Doc gets the advantage on him on the corner. He rakes the eyes as he strikes on Verra. Verra hulks up and returns to dominating on the Doctor. It leads to a Batistia-Bomb plant and the pin for the win.

Winner: Mahabali Verra

Commentary welcomes us back to Ring Ka King. Magnus, Steiner and Dutt are back stage. Magnus is on the phone saying talking to someone whom he calls “Boss”. He says that this is “Money” as they’re three of the eight in the Ring Ka King Championship tournament. Dutt is speaking in the native tongue and Steiner is yelling into the phone. Magnus says he Morgan. This gets a rise from Steiner as he walks out.

Adonis Lock Challenge

Back to the ring, Shera is introduced. He brings out “American Adonis” who rises from a cloud of smoke. American Adonis is the new ring name for Chris Masters. He is carrying a briefcase which he slides to Shera. Adonis is here to prove that no one can break his “Adonis Lock”. The briefcase has money. Adonis picks a guy from the crowd. He has a black shirt and jeans. Adonis asks his name. He says he’s Zed. Adonis asks where he’s from. Zed then sits down and Adonis applies the Adonis Lock. And the Adonis Lock challenge begins. The bell rings and Adonis picks up Zed and tosses him around like a rag doll. The ref has to make the break as Zed goes limp. Andois takes the mic and says “No one breaks my Adonis Lock”.

We then cut to Backstage, Ram is with Veera. They talk about his match. Harbhajan enters and congratulates Verra. Then Matt Morgan appears to congratulate Verra and hopes to see him in the final.

In the arena, Magnus is introduced to the ring by Borash. He looks to the Ring Ka King Belt and does the Arron Rogers Belt move.

Commentary brings us back and talks about Verra’s win over the Doctor. They describe the next two matches for the next episode. Steiner will face Maxx B. Chavo will face Dutt. They then get us ready for the next match. Morgan gets an entrance, but not Magnus.

Matt Morgan vs. Magnus

Magnus stalls at first by using the ropes. The finally lock up and Morgan easily throws Magnus and goes on the offensive. Magnus eventually rolls out of the ring after a shoulder block. Morgan is held back by the ref, but eventually goes out after Mangus as he stalls outside of the ring. Back inside the ring, The two lock up, and Magnus goes on offensive by being faster than Morgan. Magnus is playing heel, but the crowd is cheering for everything. Magnus is playing for the crowd as he uses the ropes on Morgan. Magnus picks up Morgan and he drops on top of him. Morgan goes for the easy pin, but Magnus kicks out. Magnus goes for an abdominal stretch. Morgan gets out of it by throwing Magnus. Going on the offense, Morgan gets a choke slam on Magnus before hitting his finisher for the pin and the win.

Winner: Matt Morgan

After the match, Dutt and Steiner come out to confront Morgan. Verra comes out and joins Morgan for a heel-face stare down to close the show.