Ring Ka King on Colors TV
January 29, 2010 (Episode #2)
Report by: Gregory “Grash” Walek of Wrestleview.com

Ring Ka King is a spin-off project of TNA Wrestling. It was created for Colors TV, an Indian TV network. The show was filmed with both Hindu and English spoken on the show. I am using RKK in place of Ring Ka King in this recap

The show starts with a recap of the debute episode. Quickly going over the eight competitors in the RKK Championship tournament. The formation of our first faction, consisting of Magnus, Steiner, and Dutt. Deadly Danda having to keep Steiner and Morgan apart. Magnus talking to a “Mysterious” Boss that his faction got the tournament in the bag. The recap ends with a quick review of the two qualifying matches from last week.

We cut to commentary, Siddharth Kannan & Joe Baath and they welcome us to the show. They put over our two tournament matches. Chavo vs. Dutt and Steiner vs. Maxx B.

The Commish Jazzy Lahoria is out to the arena with Deadly Danda. He heads to the ring and takes the mic. He introduces Chavo to the ring. Chavo is in street clothes. The circles the ring and then takes the mic. “Nava Stey India” he greets the crowd. He says he’s expected to deliver excellence ever where he goes. And he’s never been to India. And he’s going to be the first RKK Champion.

New music hits, and The Sheiks and Raisha come out to the arena. The Sheiks are Shawn Daivari and his brother Arya. Chavo makes fun of the Sheiks and tells them he has no clue what they are saying. But he thinks they want a piece of him and he’s not going to back from a fight. The Commish tells the Sheiks to head back, but instead they charge the ring. They at first take control. After a bit, Chavo turns the tables on them and tosses them out of the ring. “Via La Rassa” can be heard from commentary as the Sheiks head back.


The show cuts to the back, where Magnus hangs up the phone. He says he just got off the phone with “The Boss”. He’s not pleased, but Magnus smoothed it over. The most important thing is for them to win their matches. Steiner blows a fuse and yells at Magnus that he’s doing to destroy someone like she should have done to Morgan. After Steiner leaves, Morgan turns to Dutt. Dutt cuts him off before he can speak. And returns works back in Hindu. Morgan sits there as he understands every word he says.

Scott Steiner vs. Maxx B

Steiner has Magnus with him as Borash introduces him to the ring. Maxx B is introduced next. His music could be a stage theme from Street Fighter. It makes me want to put quarters in an arcade machine. The bell rings and he’s on Maxx B right away. Maxx doesn’t get a chance to get out his robes. Steiner does him a favor and rips it off as he goes on a dominate run. Finally Maxx B is able to out maneuver Steiner and gets some boxer strikes on him. It all ends with a power suplex and Steiner is back in control. He goes for a pin, but MAxx kicks out. Steiner jaw jacks with the ref. He goes for antoher pin, and Maxx B kicks out. We’re shown a shot of Magnus saying we’ve got all the time in the world. Maxx gets set up on the top ropes and then slammed. The match ends when Steiner puts Balrog.. I mean.. Maxx B into a Boston crab. And that’s the submission.

Winner: Scott Steiner

After the match, Mangus gets in the ring and Steiner keeps his hold on Maxx B. The two then celebrate.


When we return we’re shown Steiner applying the crab once more and chasing off two refs. Then Maxx B is stretchered out of the arena. We then cut to the Commish’s office. I can’t under what he says to Deadly Danda. The Sheiks come in screaming in Persian. Shawn backs of Arya and then turns to the Commish and speaks in English. They were here first and must service them first. The commish says something or they’ll be fired. Danda tells them the next match is theirs. We get a package for “Hardcore Country” Mickie James.

The Mumbai Cats vs. The Sheiks

The Mumbai Cats are in the ring. They are two green men with Red masks and boots. Borash introduces the Sheiks to the ring. The match starts and The sheiks are in control. The match is a fast paced cruiserweight style. The match is back and forth with both teams getting tags and quick pins. The Cats are moving weird all the time, they’re trying to act like cats, but it just looks stupid. The match ends after the Sheiks hit a double elbow sandwich and then the “Flying Sheiks”. The Sheiks head to opposite corners and to the top ropes and then fly for the pin and the win.

Winner: The Sheiks

Backstage Ram is with the Bollywood Boys. I have no clue what they are talking about. And then all of a sudden they talk in English. They’re going to take the Tag Team Championship. Veera enters and Rams interviews him. They don’t talk in English, but Veera has much passion in his words. We then cut to commentary, where Harbhajan Singh has joined them. No English is spoken, but it seems they are putting over the next match.

Sonjay Dutt vs. Chavo Guerrero

Dutt is out first, Chavo is second. The two circle the ring and then lock up. Dutt gets Chavo in the corner and lets him go to post. Chavo then returns the favor by tossing Dutt. Dutt looks confuses that Chavo could do that. The lock up again and Chavo works the arm. It leads into a shoulder block. Chavo loses control of the match he misses a drop kick. Dutt poses for the crowd shortly after the Crowd cheers for Chavo. Chavo loses control of the match after Dutt drops him from the ring apron. They start fighting on the outside and the ref gets to a seven count before Dutt rolls Chavo in and gets a headlock on him. They fight to their feet and Chavo manages to break the hold. Chavo gets a block and looks like he’s about to take over when Dutt knocks him over. Dutt works several different holds on Chavo. Dutt loses control and it devolves to the two getting on the top ropes. Chavo is knocked down. But When Dutt goes for a big move, Chavo counters with his feet. Chavo then throws Dutt out of the ring and follows it up with a Suicide dive. After throwing him in the ring, Chavo goes for pin. Dutt manages to kick out and then bounce on the ropes on to Chavo. He goes for a pin, but Chavo kicks out. Dutt looks frustrated by it. Chavo gets a body leg swipe on Dutt and that sets up the three Amigos. The Sheiks arrive before he can hit the third one. and Chavo turns his attention to him. He knocks each of the Sheiks off the ring apron and looks towards Rashid. It’s the distraction that Dutt needs to beat Chavo.

Winner: Sonjay Dutt

After the match, we see Dutt celebrating in the ring to the crowd’s boo. We then get a replay of the Sheik’s involvement that cause Chavo’s Loss in the match. Our matches going forward in the tournament are Veera vs. Steiner, Dutt vs. Morgan.

Backstage, Magnus is on the phone. He’s talking to the “Boss.” He tells them both Steiner and Dutt won. Next week it’ll be the same and a “Home Team” final and they’ll be in control of “this Ring Ka King.”

The Power Mover of the Week is revealed to be Scott Steiner’s Crab on Maxx B. We then get a preview of next week’s show. The preview ends with Steiner going ape shit on Morgan after he pushes him.