The following was taped on Tuesday in Orlando.

TNA Impact Wrestling for March 29, 2012:

* Matt Morgan vs. Crimson ended in a no contest.

* TNA Champion Bobby Roode comes out and cuts a promo on Dixie Carter, Sting and James Storm. Storm comes out and promises he will beat Roode at Lockdown. Security prevents Storm from attacking Roode. Bully Ray comes out and attacks Storm.

* Velvet Sky def. Madison Rayne.

* TNA X Division Champion Austin Aries announces he will team with James Storm because he is angry at Bully Ray attacking him last week.

* Mr. Anderson def. Jeff Hardy. Kurt Angle interfered.

* Eric Bischoff “cals out” his son Garett. Garett shoves down his father and says he will be at Lockdown to face Gunner.

* James Storm and TNA X Division Champion Austin Aries def. Bully Ray and TNA Champion Bobby Roode when Roode spit beer in Ray’s face by accident.

* Dixie Carter comes out to close the show asking Hulk Hogan to take the authority job of running Impact. Hogan declines. The roster comes out in support. Hogan then accepts.