The Miami Herald is featuring an interview with TNA star Daniels. Here are some of the highlights.

On the triple threat main event at TNA’s Turning Point PPV:
“I feel like there was a lot of pressure on us to sort of match the first three-way that we did. Even though I felt like the match was different, I feel like quality wise we definitely stepped it up and sort of matched the original. I felt really good about it, and it’s always fun to get in the ring with Joe and A.J. I definitely put that as a high point in my career, and certainly the fact that I’m back in the main event picture in TNA is a big plus to me.”

On facing AJ Styles at Final Resolution for the TNA Title:
“If the company feels strong enough to put me in a main event, then it’s a vote of confidence in my favor. The fact that TNA let me and Joe and A.J. be the main event [at Turning Point] and the fact that I’m going to get a 1-on-1 shot with A.J. for the title [at Final Resolution] says TNA has a vote of confidence in my abilities as a professional wrestler. I’m glad they’re giving me the opportunity. They’re giving me the ball, and it’s my job to sink or swim. It’s up to me to perform to the best of my abilities and prove to the world and to TNA that they were right to put me there.”

On Hulk Hogan coming to TNA:
“I didn’t hear any rumblings about it prior. It all just sort of happened. They kept it as under the hat as they could. A lot of us didn’t even know about it, until we were told it happened. I feel it’s a positive step for TNA. All the press we got since Hulk Hogan signed with us, and he hasn’t even appeared on our television show [TNA iMPACT 9 p.m. EST Thursdays SpikeTV] or in our arena, yet, and all this is happening. So just imagine what’s going to happen when he finally appears and interacts with us. I feel like it’s a big deal for us, and it’s certainly a step forward for TNA. Now that the spotlight is shining brighter on us, it’s our opportunity to show the world that TNA deserves to be at the top level of professional wrestling.”

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