Styles, Dreamer look back at ECW’s first PPV event is featuring an article with Joey Styles and Tommy Dreamer celebrating the 15th year anniversary of ECW’s first PPV event Barely Legal.

Joey Styles: “I don’t know if the satellites would carry us, but we weren’t available on the entire pay-per-view universe. I think we were just on Request TV, not Viewer’s Choice [now iN DEMAND]. And they wouldn’t let us start at seven o’clock! We had to start at nine.”

Tommy Dreamer: “I forgot about that, yeah. We had so many uphill battles to go through. And to his credit, Paul [Heyman] wanted to do the show at the ECW Arena, and the pay-per-view companies said, “You can’t do it at that place, it’s a dump.” I remember we were sitting at [ECW director, producer, cameraman and editor] Ron Buffone’s studio, and Paul said, “We have to do it at the ECW Arena, or else I’m not gonna do it. If I do it anywhere else, I’m betraying the fans that have supported us so far.” And he stuck to his guns. The building said, “We’ll get it up to code. We’ll do everything possible to make this thing happen.” Request wanted us to go to the Civic Center, or even the Spectrum. And Paul said he wouldn’t take it anywhere but the ECW Arena.”