The “Busted Open” show on Sirius 94 XM 208 and Sportszone 860 online featured an interview with TNA Champion Bobby Roode where he talks about tonight’s Lockdown PPV main event defending his title against James Storm.

“It’s been six months in the making, basically. A lot of hype behind it obviously, a lot of promotion going into it, a lot of pressure, but I’ve been under the gun for the last six months as the World Champion and I thrive on pressure. So Sunday night’s going to be no different; I’m just going to be facing a different guy. I’m looking forward to it. This is a huge match–I’m not going to kid around here. This is two TNA original guys who have been there from the beginning, being put in the spotlight, being put in the main event. One of the biggest pay-per-views in our company’s history. It’s a huge deal for me and it’s a huge deal for James [Storm]. I’ve held this title for going on six months, I’ve main-evented pay-per-views, I’ve main-evented overseas Impact’s. I’m kind of getting used to this and I kind of like it so if there’s more pressure on anybody, it’s going to be James. I mean, he’s in his own backyard, he’s going to be in front of friends and family, he’s going to be in Nashville in the main event going for the World Championship. So I know that I feel some pressure, but there’s no doubt that James is going to be feeling a lot more pressure Sunday night.”