The following took place on Tuesday in Orlando, Florida.

TNA Impact Wrestling for April 19:

* TNA Champion Bobby Roode opens the show gloating about his win at Lockdown. Mr. Anderson interrupts saying he doesn’t need a beer bottle to beat Roode. Roode tells him to get back in line. Jeff Hardy limps out wanting a title shot as well. Hulk Hogan breaks it up on the video screen saying he wants all champions in the ring later tonight and announces a #1 Contendership match later this evening.

* Bully Ray and Crimson def. TNA X Division Champion Austin Aries and Matt Morgan.

* Garett Bischoff comes out to celebrate beating his father at Lockdown with AJ Styles, Mr. Anderson and RVD. Ric Flair walks out and calls Garett a punk. He promises a tribute to Eric Bischoff next week and they aren’t invited.

* Kurt Angle def. AJ Styles. So much for The Observer report stating he was taking time off.

* All of the champions in TNA come out to the ring. Hulk Hogan is out next and announces that once a month, Impact will hold an “open fight night.” This means talent outside of TNA will be given a match and three judges will decide if they deserve a TNA contract along with Hogan. This means any champion can be challenged, including the TNA Champion. Roode is pissed along with Gail Kim. Hogan also announces that the TNA TV Championship will be defending every week. Devon likes this.

* Team Tessmacher def, Team Rayne.

* TNA TV Champion Devon def. Gunner.

* James Storm was out next. He is sorry and says that Roode didn’t beat him and that he beat himself. Storm ends his promo saying maybe his luck has ran out and he leaves.

* Rob Van Dam def. Jeff Hardy and Mr. Anderson to become the new #1 Contender for the TNA Championship.

* Xplosion: Daniels def. Magnus.

Source: The Pro Wrestling Torch