The following was taped on Wednesday in Orlando.

TNA Impact Wrestling for April 26:

* Devon def. Bully Ray to retain the TNA TV Championship.

* Jeremy Borash cut a promo ripping on Eric Bischoff. He talked about Bischoff getting drunk and tweeting about him one night. Bischoff walked out and challenged Borash to a fight. Bully Ray then came out and punched Borash knocking him out. Bischoff pinned Borash and said a picture of that would be on Twitter.

* Kurt Angle def. Anarquia.

* Al Snow was introduced as the lead judge for the new TNA Gut Check series on Impact. Alex Silvia from Ohio Valley Wrestling was introduced.

* Robbie E. def. Alex Silvia.

* Brooke Tessmacher def. TNA Knockouts Champion Gail Kim in a non-title match.

* TNA Tag Team Champions Samoa Joe and Magnus def. Mr. Anderson and Jeff Hardy.

* Eric Bischoff farewell party closed the taping. He was given gifts including his own Hall of Fame ring. Babyfaces, including Garett Bischoff, came out and sent him packing. It ended with Jeremy Borash and Garett taking Eric into a portable bathroom and dousing him in feces.

Source: The Wrestling Observer