Jerome Wilen sent this report in.

TNA Impact Wrestling returned to the Showare Center in Kent, WA on 4/27.

I sat second row ringside. Just as last time only half of the venue was used, the other half was curtained off. However, the area that was curtained off was used for the meet and greet for those who paid for the VIP tickets. The crowd was estimated to be around 500 to 600 fans. Not a sell-out even with half of the venue being used.

As usual the fans were loud and crazy. Prior to waiting entry into the meet and greet, Don West came out to do his usual hyped upsell of TNA products. If you purchased a replica TNA World Title belt and one of the brown bag specials for $375.00 it took you backstage to meet Bobby Roode, Jeff Hardy and RVD.

Before the show D’Lo Brown was signing a few autographs and talking with the fans.

During the meet and greet the Motor City Machine Guns, Gunner, Austin Aries and Matt Morgan signed autographs. Since the line was long and they (being TNA) wanted people to move through quickly, I only took pictures of the talent, instead of getting my pictures with them (I was too cheap to pay $20.00 for a 10 year anniversary program for an autograph). Velvet Sky signed autographs during the intermission. This was the same, the line was long and I chose to only take her picture which she let me did. She was very nice and personable.

It appeared that Matt Morgan botched a leg drop on the ring apron in his match against Crimson. He finished the match, but was telling the ref that he heard his quad pop. He had to be helped to the back. Security said something about it to one another, so either Morgan was selling the injury very well, or he was the injury was real.

Jeremy Borash did the ring announcing and hyped up the crowd as usual. TNA had camera’s present for crowd shots to use most likely on their website and maybe Impact television show to hype up their house shows. Jeremy teased the possibility of a future PPV event coming, but TNA has done that the last 2 times they have come to Kent.

After the show for $20.00, for groups of 1 to 5 people, for $20.00 you could get your picture with Rob Van Dam who was in the main event (taking the place of James Storm). So my dad and I got our picture in the ring with Rob Van Dam. Also both Earl Hebner and his son were signing autographs. I asked Earl if he and I could take a few pictures together. He was cool with it and we talked for a few minutes. He chatted with my dad also for a few minutes. Earl appears to be a nice guy.

Biggest Pops:
Jeff Hardy
Velvet Sky
Rob Van Dam
Motor City Machine Guns
Austin Aries

Biggest Heat:
Bobby Roode (the fans really did their best to annoy him and he played the crowd well)
Christopher Daniels and Kazarian
Gail Kim
Zema Ion (the fans made fun of his ring attire)

The fans were split on Earl Hebner. He played and interacted with the crowd well. Don West, Hebner, Van Dam and Velvet were the most personable.