SPOILERS: TNA Impact Wrestling for 5/10

The following was taped on Tuesday in Orlando, Florida.

TNA Impact Wrestling for May 10:

Roode did an interview to start the show saying that he is about to become the longest reigning TNA champion in history. It wound up with RVD, Anderson and Hardy all coming out and they all got into it. RVD was brawling with Roode while Anderson and Hardy were fighting. Hogan came out and announced the main event would be a four-way. He announced there would be a stipulation for everyone. If Anderson or Hardy won, they’d replace RVD in the title match at Sacrifice on 5/13. If Roode won, then RVD was out of the title match and Roode could pick his opponent. If RVD wins, he can add a stipulation to the match.

Tessmacher pinned Sky. Kim attacked Tessmacher after the match.

Crimson was in the ring waiting for Matt Morgan in a singles match. As Morgan came to the ring, Bully Ray attacked him with a chair. Morgan ended up taken out on a stretcher. Crimson then demanded that they start the match. He told the ref to count Morgan out and when Morgan didn’t come out, Crimson was awarded the win.

Aries beat Zema Ion to keep the X title.

Kazarian & Daniels came out to reveal the surprise. Styles came out and they told Styles to tell everyone what the secret was. Styles said they had nothing on him. Daniels and Kazarian then said they would have to reveal it, and showed a series of photos of Styles making out with Dixie Carter. Styles was in shock.

Devon pinned Robbie E to keep the TV title. Robbie T attacked Devon after the match.

Joseph Park came to the ring. He told everyone that he was searching for his brother. He called out Bully Ray. Park and Ray started talking and Park was laying into him when Ray decked him.

RVD won the four-way over Roode, Anderson and Hardy. RVD then announced he was choosing a ladder match for the title. RVD was posing and the show was about to end when Abyss showed up and said that his little brother shouldn’t be playing with fire or he’s going to get burned.

Source: The Wrestling Observer

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