Scott Steiner has continued to go after Hulk Hogan, this time replying to Hulk Hogan’s audio bit. Here’s what Steiner tweeted:

“Hogan did interview saying i must be unhappy in my life,F*** U hogan Im very happy in my life,Im Not the one who went on Larry King crying like a bitch and saying that you put a gun in your mouth and Was going to pull the trigger Quit lying bcuz nobody believes yur bulls***,you 3 a******* write the show and you decide whos on the show The stuff with storm is bulls*** too,storm and I talkd over match and the finish which i didnt change we both Went to get in gear,and as i was changing I was told I wasnt in match anymore,i went back to storm And ask him what happened and he didnt know,,,But dont take my word on it ASK storm he will say the Same thing,yur a lying piece of s***!!!! You disrespect the business and my eberybody in Tna and you think its weird that I want to knock You unconscious,F*** U.. your day is coming motherf***** Pritchard is going to use open fight night to bring in somebody elses son,will let you know when i see him Remember when u see hogan or 609 bitchoff change channel wait 5 mins and turn back,if you fans use Your power we can save Tna,the nielson ratings system monitors every show on tv & cant be ignored”.