Trey Dawg passed this recap along.

King Mo Joins Wrestling News Live for an amazing interview. King Mo and Wrestling News Live host the Trey Dawg went one on one to discuss the recent signing of King Mo to Bellator Fighting Championships and TNA Wrestling.

Topics that were covered in this 35 minute interview were:

King Mo and his High School College an after college wrestling career.

The name King Mo and where did it come from.

Who in TNA would King Mo like to face when he makes his debut.

What does King Mo believe he can bring into pro wrestling that is unique?

Has King Mo been a long-time follower of TNA? How familiar is he with the company?

Does he believe he has added pressure to himself on this double schedule after the Lashley idea fell through with TNA?

What are his opinion’s on the pro wrestling build to a match vs an MMA build to a fight and how similar they’ve become, for example Chael Sonnens promos on Silva?

Does he see Rampage Jackson signing with Bellator next year & would he like to fight him?

Did King Mo ever think about being a pro wrestler or was it just more of the package deal he was presented?

Who called him to start talking about a move to TNA wrestling and his reaction to “Marking out” to one of the phone calls he received.

What was the key inspiration that led to him signing the deal TNA? Also, out of curiosity. If WWE offered him a deal. Would he have went to WWE instead of TNA?

These questions and many many more.

Catch the archive of the interview here……

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