Mirror.co.uk is featuring an interview with TNA Champion Bobby Roode where he promotes the company’s upcoming UK tour and why TNA needs to continue to expand outside of Orlando.

“Obviously, I’m not the man who pays the bills; I’m not the wallet, so to speak, But in order for us to take that one step further I think it’s a necessity for us to step away from Orlando and do our television tapings elsewhere in the country. With the Impact taping over here we took a chance and it paid off. It was a huge success and we’re going to come over here and do it again next year. Speaking as a fan, even when we taped in Huntsville, Alabama and Macon, Georgia it was seemed that much better to me. It had to do with the crowd and the look and the arena as well as the talent, it had a big time feel. As a wrestler, we thrive on that. Hopefully in the near future we can move outside of Orlando. For us to be… I’m not going to say ‘legit’, because I believe that we’re a legit company but it’s just… for that more professional look and a different look it’ll make our company that bit better.”